Ducks Gameday: A.C. Slater

Saved By The Bell

The "AC" stands for "Anaheim Calling." Sharks @ Ducks.

As is tradition here at Battle of California whenever two teams from the best state in the union face off against each other, today's game posts have a theme behind them. Today's theme discusses why we think the opposing team should win the pacific division, not our own (since both teams seem to so badly want to hand it over to the other).

The Ducks have had a few opportunities to essentially seal up the Pacific Division championship over the past few games, but instead have pissed away some key games and have kept the Sharks just within reach of claiming the championship on their end.

Thankfully, the Sharks have looked even worse lately (though not by much). Over the past 10 games, Anaheim has gone 6-3-1 (for 13 pts), losing to such shitastic teams as Edmonton and Nashville, while San Jose has gone 4-4-2 (10 pts) with laughable losses to teams like Florida, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Nashville.

But our ol' pal Megalodon suggested that maybe the two of us should explore the benefits of having our own team fail to capture the division title. Jump on over to Meg's article to see his reasoning of why the Ducks should take the division, and read below what I think might be some benefits to his Sharks taking the division...

  • Playoff Freeway Face-off
    The Ducks dropping the division to the Sharks would likely force the very first-ever Kings versus Ducks playoff series, one that is long overdue. As stressful as this series might be, it's probably a good time to finally get it over with, having so far dominated the Kings all season, 3-0-1 (with one more game to go).
  • Higher Expectations for San Jose Has Always Led to Great Disapointment For San Jose

    Having the Sharks go in to the playoffs with a false sense of security doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, seeing as how it has worked out for them historically.
  • Minnesota is a Shithole
    Assuming the St Louis Blues hold their Western Conference lead, the Pacific Division champs are likely to face the Minnesota Wild. As we well know, Minnesota is a god damn hellscape that no one would ever want to visit, so why punish the Anaheim players by shipping them out there? Let San Jose suffer through that shitbag town with its shitbag fans.
  • Banners
    Banners have always been much more important to San Jose than they have been to Anaheim, because, really, what else does San Jose have? It's a nice gesture of good will for our northern neighbors in need.

Okay, good talk guys. Now let's forget all of that bullshit above and capture the division title for Anaheim tonight.


SBNation's game preview widget will never work again and all is lost. But here's some info about tonight's game:

7:30 PM on NBCS, TSN2

Honda Center, Anaheim, California

San Jose Sharks


Anaheim Ducks


Phoenix Coyotes miraculously defy math to come from behind and capture the Pacific Division!

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