Lindholm is Dope as Snuff


I know you guys can't read all that well and are basically nothing more than a glorified Shark's pity blog (according to Jer's analysis), but I wrote something to post on every right-wing radicals favorite Ducks blog "Klan-a-heim Kalling." They are all self-important and sophisti-micated to understand it, but I thought I'd share the wealth in the soup kitchen. Warning, there is a bit of fancy stat, numbers and math in there so don't be surprised if your brains shut down to avoid overload you simpletons.... I'll combat this with a cartoon at some point to make up for the "learning" that this may cause.

Amnesty International Blasts Conditions Of NHL Penalty Boxes


Exposing widespread cases of rampant neglect and overly harsh treatment, human rights organization Amnesty International released a damning report Friday decrying the cruel and inhumane conditions of NHL penalty boxes.

Advanced Stats Predict Chicago v Boston


I'm not really sure what's happening here, but this guy called it.

BOC Community study


How many people actually come this far down to see the fanshots, This was the first time I had looked on any of the sbnation sites in several months. not really sure how to keep track of how many of you see this, but leave a comment or something if you find this

New Selänne post (posted 12th of October)


Selänne talking about lockout, his day routines etc... As usual, crappy translation can be found in the comments. (It's a little late for this, but I've been busy)



So I think tohon has to beat this guy.

Selänne blog about the lockout


Quick translation of Selänne's newest blog post (I'm sick so if there's bad spelling or grammar mistakes, please don't shoot me...)

No monetary damages for Ducks GM Bob Murray in chair-tossing trial, despite jurors’ desires


"For the record, Murray said his "accident" with Paris wasn't a fit of rage but rather that "he merely pushed aside two heavy chairs in the narrow press box in his rush to get to the team dressing room to console his players about the loss to the Wings," according to the Free Press." see u guys had murray all wrong..he was probally ordering them all ice cream....gonna present it to them

The Essentials: San Jose Sharks


"Arena food is too expensive. Only idiots and fat people buy arena food. Just go get a burrito before you go to the arena and then just sit down and watch the damn game." This guy knows what he's talking about.

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