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Tom Chambers and Other Cool History


As we approach the All Star Game this weekend, we do so knowing that our fan base is making its way back into the collective consciousness of the NBA world. It feels really good. During our five...

Friday News and Notes


Scouring the interwebs for some pre-weekend fodder: ** UNC System president Tom Ross has called for a four-person panel of the UNC Board of Governors to oversee the university's investigation into...

Pete Brennan, 1936-2012


WCHL is reporting that Pete Brennan, one of the all-time Tar Heel basketball greats and a member of the 1957 national championship team, has died at age 75. Brennan was part of the pipeline of New...

Mike Voight, 1954-2012


Sad news for the Carolina football family as the Associated Press is reporting that former UNC standout Mike Voight was found dead in his home in Chesapeake, VA on Tuesday. He was 58. The cause of...

Danny Green Getting It Done in San Antonio


After toiling in relative NBA obscurity in Cleveland for his first two years in the league, former UNC standout Danny Green is making a name for himself as a key contributor for the San Antonio...

Friday's Football News and Notes


Yes, there's plenty still happening in the world of college football. ** The UNC coaching search is in full swing. The list of reported serious candidates includes head coaches James Franklin of...

Frasor, Manuel to Join UNC Basketball Support Staff


Now that's what I call a temp job. Bobby Frasor and Jackie Manuel, who each played on national championship teams at UNC for Roy Williams, have joined the Carolina basketball support staff. Frasor...

NFL Draft Open Thread


One of the most over-hyped events in all of sports will take place at 8:00 PM Eastern as the newly-legally-prohibited-from-locking-out NFL will have its annual draft. Lots of interest as some guys...

So Which Is the Real Marvin Austin?


Contrite and repentant, or a "finger-pointing, excuse-making con artist"? Gregg Rosenthal of NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk has an entry today linking to an biting piece by Nolan Nawrocki of Pro...

Good News and Sad News from the 1991 Final Four Team


Somewhat lost in UNC's Elite Eight run this postseason was that it was the 20th anniversary of the 1991 Carolina team making the Final Four. After winning the title in 1982, the Tar Heels had been...

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