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Fresh Links: What A Pane Edition


Bruins drop Caps, 8 round shootout in decrepit arena. Flying crabs. Jacobs #4 richest NHL GM. 6 Bruins on top 100 forwards list. Days of Y'Orr hosts TomServo42 8pTONIGHT! Pevs on the mend. Thomas...

DC Pens Fans, Pickup Hockey With Japers'?


Some of the Japers' Rink Rats and I put together a pickup game, and this year we may be doing it for charity. They're good guys & gals, and honestly don't take the whole Caps/Pens rivalry too far on the ice or at the pub. Except when I touch the puck and hear, "Crosby sucks!" I think one or two of the Pensburgh crew have played with us before when we did this, and I'm pretty sure we've had Ben Rothenberg from Broad Street Hockey as well. Decent mix of skill level--if you can play Hockey North America or Novice-level beer league, you're plenty good for us. Usually we play right after a Caps game, and this year I'm lobbying the Japers' crew to play after the Sunday 1/22 Caps/Pens tilt. Is anyone interested in this? We need some Pens fans to show up--I'm a bit outnumbered. =)

Sleektooning up other blogs' logos


For summer fun, I've drawn up some new blog logos for Japers' Rink and Raw Charge. Enjoy!

An Interview With Japers' Rink


Or more precisely, with the Man, over at Kukla's. Nicely done, J.P.

Captain Courageous: Chris Clark


Chris Clark's departure has led to a number of eulogies already, including this one by mainstay blogger(s) The Peerless Prognosticator. Community members at Japers' Rink are posting their thoughts in the original trade thread as well as this Fanshot. But the best synopsis of the kind of player you're getting can be found at this link, summarizing an incident in 2006. Caps fans called him Captain Courageous or Captain Cadaver. Finally, Rink Wraps for Clark's 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. Obviously, Clark's 2006-2007 was his best year statistically as a Capital (30 goals), but he's healthy again and has been a contributor this season.

Mock Arbitration: Milan Jurcina


I thought you folks might be interested to read the "mock arbitration" that unfolded last summer between the editors of Japers' Rink. Later, our guesses on Arbitration Day, and discussion of his reward. Other worthwhile SBN-endorsed links to help acquaint yourself with your newest Slovak: A comparison between Juice and Shaone Morrisonn (of the two defensemen the Caps were looking to off-load, you got the preferred player). Juice's Rink Wrap for 2008-2009. Juice's Rink Wrap for 2007-2008.

Japers' Rink joins SBN


Surely you know of the Capitals blog Japers' Rink. It's a torrent of info and insight from one of the best, longest-running hockey blogs. Now the Japers' Rink community (and its archive) has moved to SB Nation, as SBN's hockey lineup continues to fill out. Go see them in their new digs, and say hello to our long-orphaned but never-forgotten Patrick Division brethren.

Japers' Rink joins SBN


More fun from our corner of the blogosphere. I'm very excited to announce the relaunch of Japers' Rink under the SB Nation banner, as J.P. has signed on to join our little group as the blog of...

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