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A Picture of David Backes With A Turd On His Head


Seriously, that's all it is. Ducks @ Blues.

Ducks Gameday: Graphic Representation of the Avs


Ducks @ Avalanche, and some Avalanche imagery

Pandas Release Secrets Of Biomass Processing - In Their Poop

Panda poop contains bacteria with potent effects in breaking down plant material in the way needed to tap biomass as a major new source of "biofuels" produced not from corn and other food sources, but from grass, wood chips and crop wastes, scientists reported this week at the 242nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). "Who would have guessed that ‘panda poop’ might help solve one of the major hurdles to producing biofuels, which is optimizing the breakdown of the raw plant materials used to make the fuels?" said study co-author Ashli Brown, Ph.D. "We hope our research will help expand the use of biofuels in the future and help cut dependency on foreign oil. We also hope it will reinforce the importance of wildlife conservation." Brown pointed out that bacteria from the giant panda are particularly promising for breaking down the super-tough plant material known as lignocellulose in switch grass, corn stalks and wood chips. That advance could speed the development of so-called cellulosic biofuels made from these tough plant materials in a way that doesn’t rely on precious food crops such as corn, soybeans and sugar now used for making biofuels, she noted. Scientists have long known that giant pandas—like termites and cattle—have bacteria in their digestive systems to break down the cellulose in plants into nutrients. Bamboo constitutes about 99% of the giant panda’s diet in the wild. An adult may eat 20-40 pounds of bamboo daily—leaves stems, shoots and all. Until the energy crunch fostered interest in biofuels, however, scientists never thought to parse out exactly what microbes in the giant panda gastrointestinal system were involved in digestion. STORY: http://www.rdmag.com/Energy-Biofuel-Biology-Panda-poop-may-be-a-treasure-trove-of-biofuel-microbes/ SEE ALSO: http://inventorspot.com/articles/pandas_release_secrets_biomass_processing_their_poop

Brent Burns is my new best friend


Brent Burns is my new best friend

The Two-Day Hangover, Week 2: Where Mario Williams Is Simply Better


The Hangover is back with a vengeance. (Amount of vengeance may vary. All sales are final.)

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