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The Power of a Wrestling Women's Division

This Cagesider looks at the state of women's wrestling in WWE and asks why so many in the company (including wrestlers) and fans are okay with the status quo. What can we all do to make a...


We are all John Cena

Stone Cold Steve Austin fulfilled everyone's desire to flip their boss off and nail him in the jaw. The best wrestling offers this escape. Is it possible Cena's another example of this? He...

Sports writer says Saints are outplaying Green Bay


Nice to get some recognition for what we are doign on the field. Mainly, I just want another trophy for the team, though.


Eternity, looking through time

In the SEC football is king. We love it, crave it. Nurture it's every whim, crave its every move and watch with pounding hearts, gritted teeth and clenched fists for the next big play. That moment...

Kings Gameday: More Like The Grate One, Am I Right? Hello?


A Kings fan tries to rationalize his love of Wayne Gretzky and a quick list of people you should hate.

An MHR University Special - Building Your Rep at MHR


Guidelines for writing at MileHighReport.com

Urban Meyer talks BCS, politics and Utes


I discussed this yesterday and thought I would provide the link. Meyer also states he has Utah real high in his poll and that they are 'a hell of a team'. Though it seems the reasoning from the Orlando paper for the comment is that Meyer doesn't want to fan any flames if there is a chance the two meet (say in the Sugar Bowl). Sounds reasonable enough for me.

Is Utah better than USC?


Hey, I didn't pose this question, the Los Angeles Times did. Well it looks like a guy by the name of Marc Corman asked the question, but the answer by the Times might surprise you.  Question: ...

Blue Jays release Thomas after slow start to 2008 season


The Toronto Blue Jays released slumping designated hitter Frank Thomas Sunday, cutting the 19-year veteran loose one day after he was angry for being taken out of the lineup. Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi told ESPN's Peter Gammons that the release of Thomas was "by mutual consent. He doesn't want to be here if he's not going to play much, and we don't want him to be unhappy. He handled it with class, and I appreciate that." "Our best opportunity is to put other guys in the lineup at this point," Ricciardi said, according to The Associated Press. "Obviously, reduced playing time is not something that he was interested in. In order to let him go forward and get on with his career, I think it's fair to do it at this point."

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