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Why Was Orb Retired?


While writing my Fanpost about Groupie Doll last night, I struggled over whether to include Orb as an example of a horse retired too early. I considered it because I was coming from the perspective of keeping newer fans engaged in the sport -- and who better to keep newer fans engaged than a Derby winner? I opted against it, however, because there were so many outstanding questions about the circumstances of Orb's retirement, especially in light of his disappointing Jockey Club Gold Cup performance. I'm glad I am not the only one who has a head full of questions about Orb's retirement, and am glad that Steve Haskin wrote this.

Staios to Join Leafs' Scouting Staff?


So, I guess that means he won't be able to come to Islanders' camp this year? Hey, if it works out, good for him. Director of Warrior Scouting and Veteran Presence Procurement is a cool-sounding gig.

Toby Gardenhire retires to coach at UW-Stout


Hat tip to Aaron Gleeman, who had it in his Twins notes this morning. Everyone's favorite go-to guy for nepotism accusations has hung up his cleats and taken over as head coach of the Wisconsin-Stout Blue Devils. I was always a fan of Toby (I watched him play for the Rochester Honkers for a few summers), and it's too bad he never got his token cup of coffee in the majors, but it's good to see that he's managed to stay involved in baseball. I look forward to him taking over the Twins' managerial reins from Jake Mauer in 2027.

Selänne blog


like you wouldn't guess what it's about... (translation in comments)

No More Moss


Former Vikings great, Randy Moss, has retired from the NFL. I know the last time around didn't end so well, (nor the first time around..), but I'll always have great memories of Randy. I certainly hope he goes in to the Hall of Fame as a Viking, and I hope he has earned a full write up on the Norseman. :)

Should the Anaheim Ducks retire Paul Kariya's #9?


Meg is requesting your voting support in some super-nerdy endeavor this week, but why not also go vote on something hockey-related? Anaheim Calling asked me to submit some 650 words on whether the Ducks should retire Paul Kariya's jersey -- you can read my take along with Arthur, Daniel, and Jen in the link above. So go read (if you want), cast your vote, and feel free to talk it out in the comments -- here or there. Unlike Meg's cause, I won't make you vote every day! :)

DRF.com: Paddy O'Prado Retired

UPDATE: He is officially retired due to a sesamoid injury. ORIGINAL: Apparently, the foot bruise suffered in the Dixie is more serious than initially reported. This throws the Turf division wide, wide open (once again).

Bowden, Paterno & The Endgame


Your fearless leader, Bud Elliott, was kind enough to join us on the Slow States podcast last night to talk about how the end of the Bobby Bowden era might compare to what we're undoubtedly going through very soon with Joe Paterno. Thanks again to Bud for his help -- and you guys should really take up a collection to replace his laptop fan. The man deserves it for running such a fine site. Best of luck in the ACC Championship Game this weekend, 'Noles!

Ochoa to Announce Retirement


According to a tweet from the official LPGA twitter, World #1 Lorena Ochoa will be holding a press conference in Mexico City on Friday where she will announce her retirement. Ochoa, one of the most dominant forces the LPGA has ever seen has played lackluster through 2010. She recently got married and has always mentioned plans on starting a family soon. More information as it becomes available.

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