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The best two even-strength forward lines for the Ducks

One of the statistical inroads into hockey analysis, I think, has been segmentation of situational play. Here’s two lines that are killing at even-strength for the Ducks, which is a huge factor...

An Open Letter to Edmonton Fans

(SPECIAL GUEST COLUMNIST: ROB NIEDERMAYER!)A special thanks to Earl Sleek for allowing me this opportunity to address hardcore Oiler fans.My name is Rob Niedermayer, sometimes called "RNieds", or...

ANA / MIN review: Forget the Selke, let’s give Pahlsson the Smythe!

With round two starting tomorrow, I doubt I’ll have time to properly recap the first round victory over the Wild (yet another instance of California dominating Minnesota), but I do want to take a...

The view from my playoff seat

(Author's warning: I absolutely suck at photography, and where I sit, pretty much everything gets shot through a pane of glass. It is pretty evident that my autofocus camera decides that it would...

"I’ve never wanted to smell like Pine-Sol so bad in my life!"

Here's a fun link for your playoff Saturday: Tonight Show comedian Harland Williams makes a Duck Call special, chronicling his day with the Anaheim Ducks.Among the highlights: Rob Niedermayer gets...

Scott, you lazy genius!

Dear Scott: I for one would like to say that I completely support your inability to make up your mind. Sure, retirement would have meant you could relax away from hockey, but not deciding, now...

The London Effect: Putting the "UK" back in "SUCK"

Well, it’s been a combined 10 games played since the Ducks and Kings split games in London, and of course results have been less than stellar: combined only two of those games have resulted in...

Ducks Gameday—Puttin' square pegs into round holes

Phoenix Coyotes (2-5-0, t-14th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (4-6-1, t-9th in west)Missing Players by Game(includes games where a player was unavailable to finish the game)Well, it hasn't been the best...

Earl answers his mail: Forward Lines, a year-to-year comparison

Sleek,The Ducks play so far has me frustrated. And you seem like the guy to help explain the frustration. I'm curious about ES TOI this year versus last year for the Duck's containment line. As...

"Oh Captain My Captain" Time For Change In the Ducks Locker Room

By Ken Armer,Hey readers of BoC, yep, I'm the new Duck in town, and happy to be here. I just flew in from Texas and man are my arms tired. Ok, now i know how letterman feels...anyway. Yes, I reside...

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