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Ducks Gameday: Do You Like Mötley Crüe?


How about nachos? Ducks @ Devils.

Ducks Gameday: Land of the Blinds


Jer deals with some spam before tonight's New York Rangers @ Anaheim Ducks game.

Q&A with Braves Blog


I did a quick Q&A about the Giants-Braves match-up with Braves blog, Capital Avenue Club. I thought I would (spam) share it.

Talking points: who's got the Munchies?


A round up of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a blurb on the QB recruit with the name everyone loves: Munchie Legaux.

Guess Who Wants a Link?


Hello, As I was surfing around google , I discovered your website: http://www.southsidesox.com I am trying to add as many informative websites as possible to my site. Which in turn will benefit my users as well as provide you with relevant traffic to your site. I have a website that just started but has 1,000 - 1,500 people on it per day who fit the same demographic as your site. If you follow this link, [REDACTED] you will see that I put your link on my homepage. Some website owners do not like when other sites link to them so I thought I might ask for your review. Please get back to me when you have a chance, to let me know if the link I have placed suits your needs. Also if you would like a custom Title for it just send me a email and I will get it updated. Have a good week, Elizabeth Hall

(Perhaps) the 20 Most Valuable Single Season Performances by Royals Starting Pitchers


I thought this was something a bit more positive that we could all enjoy. Yes, it is connected with my latest Driveline article on pitcher valuation, but I figure if I add a little extra sugar on top for my Royals Review Peeps (tm), it doesn't count as spam. Anyway, you can learn more about how I value pitchers by reading the article (there's a bit more sugar at the end for Royals fans in the section on tRA). While I haven't incorporated park factors into my database yet, since replacement level is derived from league average, and runs --> wins conversion is custom for each year in my database, it is pretty well adjusted to era. "fe2WAR" is just the dumb name I came up with for averaging FIP-RAR and ERA-WAR, which I then convert to wins. I like Zack, but as you can see, perhaps the Saberhagen comparisons are a bit premature... some pretty incredible seasons in there. Much more to discuss there, I imagine. Note that this is just starting pitchers -- I have a way to incorporate leverage, but it isn't straightforward in terms of mixing leveraged and un-leveraged value in my system, at least not yet. But if we did count it for relievers, I'm pretty sure that at least one or two of Quisenberry's awesome seasons would be in there. But I'll save that for another time. I'm also going to revisit this using BaseRuns-based pitching stats, but that will come later. Enjoy, disagree, discuss!

The White Sox want your email address


The Chicago White Sox today announced the team will award two fans with a pair of lower box season tickets (split-season) through a special sweepstakes on whitesox.com. The giveaway, the first of its kind on whitesox.com, was created by the organization in appreciation for support from loyal fans throughout the years. Fans are eligible to win split-season tickets by becoming registered users at whitesox.com. To enter the sweepstakes, fans must visit whitesox.com. Registering at whitesox.com is free.

Victorino's love of Spam Angers PETA


Is there anyone that Shane hasn't pissed off, other than Phillies fans of course. Really Peta, Spam?

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