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So, your goalie died again

Hey, it’s 2016 again

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

What’s different this time?

Gonna probably wanna hit the snooze button

Left-Winger For Hire 

Pacioretty? Kovalchuk? Nope. Haley Joel Osment’s stand-in

BREAKING: Ducks Arm-Chair GM Arrested!

It’s all so simple

There’s Always Next (2019-2020) Year

Wake me up when the next two September’s end

The Mighty Martyrs of Anaheim

Boy, that was quick


Kings did us all a favor and died fast

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God Damn It LA!!!

Ducks v Sharks Playoffs Series Preview...In Pictures

Round One. Ducks v Sharks: Hella California Hatred

Who the hell are you again?

The Chinese knockoff product Kings takes on the Kings

Is this thing still on?

Well then, here we are.

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Blues Edition

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Vancouver Edition Part II


Hey about those trades

They weren’t bad but...

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Chicago Edition

Did the Kings get Derick Brassard yet?

No? Okay. Just checking.

Raid the Rest Homes

Everyone else is doing it

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Red Wings Edition

The Sedins doomed your franchise

Prepare for trouble. Make it double.

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Ducks Edition

Deal with the Devil

No, not New Jersey

These pretzels are making me thirsty

and by "pretzels" I mean "Kings", and by "thirsty" I mean "PISSED OFF"

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Coyotes Edition

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Senators Edition

You’re Problematic: Fire Edition

You and your team are insensitive dick polishers

Hi it’s 2018

Time keeps on slippin

1,000 games of love

The always beloved face of the NHL


A non licensed knock off

Battle(ofCali)Ship: Canucks Edition

Red and black and ignored all over

One more of these god forsaken things

Stalock? Stalock.


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