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"Avian Flu" Indeed...

So this is what the backstage of a blog looks like, eh?

As the Anaheim correspondent to this newly formed Battle of California, I’m here to sell all of you purists on this plucky Mighty Ducks squad that is threatening to sacrilege your precious cup with (gasp) a frickin’ Disney movie name.

Now I should say in all fairness that I am in agreement with the vast majority of you: The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is without a doubt the stupidest team name in professional sports history. However, where most of you would take that fact as a point of shame, I certainly take this as a point of pride.

So hate the name, belittle the name, mock the name, make a Duck photoshop project if you want, we’ve seen it all before. Just remember, the more you knock the Mighty Ducks, the more this is going to hurt later:

"You’ve just been eliminated by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim."


(More to come if our San Jose sister ever decides to de-lubricate itself. And anybody seen the Kings lately?)