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Change your predictions, Sleek is going to Game One!

For those looking for some good, in-depth post-game analysis on Game One, I’m not going to be very helpful in that regard. You see, I’m going to be in the house tonight, and I always find that a better breakdown comes from watching on TV, where you have the benefit of replays, commentary, and cheaper liquor. For some Edmo-centric game reviews, check out the many Oil bloggers; for a drunken hazy Duck fan’s at-the-game experience, this will be your Game One headquarters.

I normally shy away from game predictions, because quite frankly, there are enough out there. However, GAME ONE PREDICTION: I will be reprimanded twice by my usher and once by a nearby "fan" for being entirely too drunk and boisterous. Ushers 2, Fans 1.

(Author's note: I doubt we will see some lusty booing of the Canadian anthem tonight, but not because we are the class of California. It is because of the frickin' 6 pm start time; traffic alone should prevent a full house until sometime late in the first. Anaheim's true test should come on Sunday, with weekend (weakened?) traffic.)

(Author’s note 2: I will definitely not be sweating this one out, like this guy:)