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Fun facts about sweeping the Avs

(Author's note: The picture to the left symbolizes the reason this Ducks fan has a deep-seeded resentment to the Avs, symbolized by No-Face on the right. This took place the summer of 2003, just after Kariya had led the Ducks within a game of the Stanley Cup.)

The Avalanche have not been swept in 25 series since moving from Quebec, so let's reflect on this sweet triumph. I don't write these things to be particularly boastful; rather, I am just a chronicler of statistical oddities.

The two shutouts against the Avalanche in the four games equals the number of times they were shutout in their previous 87 games (regular season and their first-round series against the Stars).

The Ducks held the Avs to one goal or less in 3 of the 4 games. Prior to the series, Colorado had managed to score at least two goals in 81 of 87 games (93%).

The last time the Avs were shut out in back-to-back games? You have to go back to the playoffs in 2002, when Hasek and the Red Wings blanked the Avs in games 6 and 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Does that still sting?

Speaking of shutouts, how 'bout that Breezy?

Longest playoff shutout streaks:
1. George Hainsworth, Montreal 1930 270:08
2. Ilya Bryzgalov, Anaheim 2006 249:15
3. Dave Kerr, NY Rangers 1937 248:35
4. Normie Smith, Detroit 1936 248:32
5. Gerry McNeil, Montreal 1951 218:42
6. J.S. Giguere, Anaheim 2003 217:54

So let's see, in the last 50 years, we have seen the two longest playoff shutout streaks within three years? With two different goalies, each in their first playoffs? Under one roof? Thank the ghost of uncle Walt for that, I guess.

(I won't get into the Jiggy '03 vs. Breezy '06 debate just yet, but suffice to say that Giguere is still waiting to burst that 170-minute 95-save playoff unbeaten-in-overtime bubble.)

The three shutouts that the Ducks pitched within their past five games is equal to the three they had in the regular season.
  • Interesting Note #1: 2 of those 3 Ducks shutouts came against the post-Thornton Sharks.
  • Interesting Note #2: In the 6 other Ducks-Sharks matchups, Cheechoo had 3 hat tricks.

The Ducks have killed the last 36 penalties they have taken, including all 24 against Colorado. And to add to this, all 6 power-play goals scored against the Ducks this postseason were scored against Giguere, 5 of them within games 2 and 3 of the Calgary series. The Ducks have killed all 40 chances against with Bryzgalov in the net.

And I must throw a game three shoutout to Joffrey "Loops" Lupul, who's four goal outburst caught us all unprepared. It became the Ducks' first postseason hat trick, and the first time this year a Duck potted four (Hedstrom had our only hat trick this year, against the stupid Kings). In the Colorado series, Lupul alone outscored Colorado 6-4.

So six straight wins, we're playing well. That said, there are some pretty good teams looking to be in this final four, and they all are playing well.

Just waiting for them to get here (yawn).