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Give me officiating or give me death!

Well, not really death -- I don't take my hockey THAT seriously. However, everyone (since OLN broadcasted the CBC feed) saw Jim Hughson and Greg "Asshat" Millen talk about the level of officiating drop off in overtime of Edmonton/San Jose game 3. I'm not blaming that for the Sharks' loss since they played like donkey crap anyways, but good god man, what happened to "It's a penalty in the first period and overtime" Don Koharski and Dan O'Halloran? Apparently, Koharski's got a bit of amnesia since he said this on May 1st:

"It’s being called the same way it was for 82 regular season games. It’s probably the most consistent we’ve been as a group, and we’re not there yet. We never will be, because it’s the hardest thing to do, but with the new standard, it’s the most consistent I think we’ve been. And everybody knows going in it’s the same way it was in the regular season. We’re not treating it any differently. We’ve been instructed to stay within the standards and those that are not within the standards, they won’t be asked to do any more games."

I'm not sure who's officiating tonight's critical Game 5, but hopefully Stephen Walkom gave them a verbal beatdown about calling the freaking rules. Too many penalties, from both the Oilers and the Sharks, were overlooked turning overtime back into the "hold on for dear life" style of defense that we saw in years past.