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Meet your blogger

In one of my comments fields, Mike W asked a valid question: "Earl, I have to ask: are you born/raised Californian hockey fan or are you from Canada?"

Here are 5 interesting facts about Earl Sleek the blogger:

  1. "Earl Sleek", of course, is a pen name. The name comes from an obscure video game called Forsaken on the old Nintendo 64. For various reasons (employment being the most pressing), that name will suffice for these posts.
  2. I have lived in Southern California since I was 2 (I am 28 now). For the most part, I lived within 15 minutes of Disneyland (Villa Park, Orange, Santa Ana). For the past five years, I have lived in Redondo Beach, CA, and worked in downtown Los Angeles (about 8 blocks from the Staples Center).
  3. I am half-Irish and half-Korean. That doesn't mean much except that I come from two races of mean drunks.
  4. I have never played the sport of hockey, on ice or on roller blades. Rather, I actually became a fan of hockey through the popular video game NHL 94 on the SNES.
  5. As the Mighty Ducks franchise pre-dates that video game, I have very little first-hand knowledge of the inaugural team, as I had no interest in hockey at that time. I don't know much about the Ducks before the Kariya-Selanne days, other than what I've read.

If you're curious to know more, shoot a question in these comments and I'll respond. I'll probably post something at a later date about how a guy who never played hockey became an NHL nut, as that might be of interest in the debate about 'growing the game'.