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Pre-Game Jitters

"Hold me, Teemu. I'm scared."

I'll tell ya, these last few days have been nutty. I go from hopelessly optimistic to brutally realistic in a matter of moments. Guinness will definitely help me in this regard.

Some useless stats that help confuse the issue. Throw them out the window as soon as you read them.

The Ducks are 0-4 in Game Fives, but 4-0 in Game Sixes and 2-1 in Game Sevens. Most of that has come within the past 2 playoff runs.

J.S. Giguere, thanks to the Wild, has his best numbers in the Western Conference Finals. In 17 periods he has played in the WCF, he has allowed goals in only 2 of them.

This is the Ducks 4th trip to the playoffs, and this we have been eliminated in every other round but this one.

So now that everything is properly jinxed, here's our symbol of hope (I did some web hunting).

"I pity da fool who, uh, quack quack jibber-jabber!"

I know it's lame, but be glad I didn't use this guy to rally around.