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Random musings on the WC Finals

  • Quick Trivia question (answer posted in comments section): Name the current Mighty Duck who is the only NHLer to get to the Conference Finals in each of the past two postseasons (2003 and 2004).
  • People talk about this "2006 Western Upset" like it is something new, but consider that this is the third consecutive playoffs where the Western Conference Final involved a 6-seed. And 2 of the 3 times, the 6-seed had home ice.
  • Also, it is the third consecutive playoffs where the Western Conference Final involved two teams that had spent the previous spring watching playoffs on TV. It appears that the best way to make the WC Finals is to finish 12th in the West the year before, and then 6th the next year. Note: this year, Phoenix finished 12th in the West.

  • Sorry, Central. Also the third consecutive playoffs where the Northwest and Pacific divisions battled out the WC Finals.
  • How does a 6-seed get home ice advantage in Rounds 2 and 3 of the playoffs? It pretty much has to happen exactly the way it did. I’m not even going to research this; it’s never happened before. Personal gripe #1: It is difficult coordinating a Game 1 at home when the NHL gives you one frickin’ day to digest the next-round schedule.
  • Personal gripe #2: Of the four remaining teams, I think Edmonton is the only city that I know what to call its residents: Edmontonians (I think). The best I can come up with for the other cities are Anaheimers, Buffaloans, and Raleighites, and those are all made up. Also, San Joser?
  • The first Oiler goal of the series will be the second goal allowed in the Ducks’ WC Finals history. That’s saying something.