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Reasons not to boo Canada

After all the fervor over Anthem-gate, I thought it'd be a good time to remind readers what's so awesome about our friends from the north. Here are Mike's personal reasons why Canada rules (minus the obvious Joe Thornton/Patrick Marleau/Jonathon Cheechoo/etc.):

-As an indie rock dork: my favorite new band from the past few years, the Arcade Fire

-As a fan of the Simpsons: Troy McLure/Lional Hutz

-As a sci-fi fan: Anakin Skywalker and Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

-Because I buy stupid sports figures: Todd McFarlane

-Because most of the hockey fans we talked to when my friend and I went to Toronto and Ottawa on a hockey vacation were pretty cool, including the guy who asked us "You're from California? Why the hell would you come to Canada in March?"

-Because I watched wrestling as a kid (and with my roommates in college, I'm ashamed to admit): Bret "The Hitman Hart, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho

-Because we wouldn't have the South Park movie without Canada (and most Canadians I know have a pretty good sense of humor about it)

Got more reasons to not boo Canada? Put them in the comments -- and, oh yeah, go Sharks!

P.S. Regarding my post about stupid superstitions...the jersey has been washed.