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Stanley Cup Playoffs Trivia Question #2

Trivia Question #2: Who leads the NHL in ice time during the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The answer... Edmonton Oilers defenseman Chris Pronger with a 32:46 ATOI in 11 games played [2G, 10A, +7, 6PPP, 6PIM]. Pronger logged over 45 minutes twice in the first two rounds.

During a 3-2 double overtime win against Detroit Red Wings in game 1 of the Conference quarterfinals, Pronger logged 47:17 of ice time. In the decisive 3-2 triple overtime win over San Jose in game 3 of the Conference semifinals, Progger logged an almost responsible 45:58.

Ice time prediction for Pronger in the next Edmonton-Anaheim series? He will break the 50 minute barrier in a 4 overtime 2-1 win at Rexall Place in Game 3. Bonus points, guess who is second in ice time for the playoffs?