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This is embarrassing

At some point, you need to call this game for what it is. A spectacular exhibition of how to draw a penalty. After 5 straight penalties in the first period, Edmonton starts to work the officials in the first half of the second.

Pisani breaks in on Giguere, and then loses an edge after the scoring chance passes him by. Penalty Anaheim on Beauchemin. Samuel Pahlsson does an excellent job forechecking, forcing two Oilers back behind their own net. Pahlsson extends his stick out with one hand, Samsonov tucks it between his arm and twists it up into his own body. Penalty Anaheim on Pahlsson. Horcoff gets stick checked at the top of the circle and he falls to the ice like he was shot out of a cannon. Penalty Anaheim on Getzlaf. Roloson complains about Ahaheim crowding the crease? Penalty Anaheim, goaltender interference on Andy McDonald.

Oilers fans are unhappy, booing the officials? Deal with it. Play the game, or start calling diving every play until it stops. This is not soccer. It was noticeable during the regular season, noticeable in the second round, and burning through the eyelids noticeable in game 4 against Anaheim.

Penalty totals halfway through the second period: Edmonton Oilers 5 in the first period, Anaheim 0. Anaheim 4 minor penalties halfway through the second, Edmonton 2.

[Update] Salei and Smyth trade goals to make it 4-2 Anaheim. One more goal by Edmonton and the Rexall Place is going to explode.

[Update2] Laraque comes through for the Oil. The enforcer makes it 4-3 Edmonton on an assist by Chris Pronger, and now the Edmonton fans are in a near constant roar.