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Uh oh

Let's see...the Sharks outshot the Oilers and played pretty well...and lost 6-3? What in the holy heck happened?

It's called blown defensive coverage. It's called bad penalty killing. It's called shorthanded goals.

In other words, it's called mistakes. Bad mistakes, and credit to the Oilers (and freakin' Ryan Smyth) for capitalizing on those mistakes.

The hopes for Game 6 lie in the fact that really, the Sharks should have and could have won Games 4 and 5 (and Game 3 for that matter). This isn't a case of the Habs being outplayed by the Hurricanes after going up 2-0. The Sharks are losing this series because of their own correctable blunders.

So, in order to win Game 6, they have to play the same way they did in Game 5 minus the momentary bouts of boneheadedness.

And by the way, I'm glad to see that hockey brings out the worst in both worlds, regardless of whether you're in San Jose or in Edmonton. In Edmonton, two fans got stabbed after the Oilers win (when did Edmonton become Raider Nation?). Last night in San Jose, a bunch of morons decided to emulate the Montreal fans that were so harshly criticized by Americans severals back and boo the Canadian anthem, then at least two fights broke out between fellow Sharks fans, and some jerkoff in the upper deck decided it'd be a good idea to launch a water bottle into the lower bowl.

Pro sports is great fun, huh?