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When you think about it, apples are kind of like oranges

Easily the worst analysis I have seen about this series comes from today’s L.A. Times, who have taken team comparison to a new all-time low.

"How similar are the Ducks and Oilers?

Both have a popular goal scorer—the Ducks’ Teemu Selanne and the Oilers’ Ryan Smyth.

Both have a franchise defenseman who can control a game—the Ducks’ Niedermayer and the Oilers’ Chris Pronger.

Both have enough speedy forwards to stretch across three lines and both have goaltenders—the Ducks’ Ilya Bryzgalov and his counterpart, Dwayne Roloson—no one dreamed would be starring in these playoffs."
These comparisons are all horribly brutal; why not point out that both teams like to wear uniforms? Clearly the talented journalists have gone to watch the Clippers.

Now that's not to say that there aren't similarities between these teams, but how the Times decide to call these specific players 'similar' are beyond my comprehension. They could have pointed out, for example, that Smyth and Selanne both lost teeth this year in the line of duty, but no, they draw the line in that they are both popular and both score. Or that both teams have a top defenseman and a goaltender. What a load of crap.

Feel free to contribute your own Times-style similarities; do it well enough and you might land yourself a job as a sucksack L.A. Times reporter.