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2 quick comments

I'm currently on the road in Orlando, FL, and last night I spent having dinner with my uncle for his birthday. His present was that I pretended there was no such thing as hockey, so I haven't seen G2. Even so...

Comment 1: Look back to 2003. I can't imagine that the Oil fans are as desolate as I was back in 2003 after losing games 1 and 2 in New Jersey by identical 3-0 scores. Hey, at least the Oil have scored 4 more times in their first two games and have been shut out half the times.

Bottom line: things at their lowest can turn around. Anaheim came home to win two tight OT wins and evened the series, ultimately forcing a game seven. Long layoff hurts a team again, but it isn't over until that last, last whistle.

Comment 2: Play Ty now. If there's one lesson we can take from the 2004 SCF or the 2006 Olympics, it's that Finnish netminders love second place. Unfortunately, that will not get it done in this series.

Bottom line: 2004 was the first time (nay, the second time!!) a non-North American goaltender won the cup, which was inevitable considering there were two non-NA goalies battling it out.

I will write something a little more meaningful and/or educated when I get back to L.A. this weekend. Yay travel!!