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Fuel for the Fowl Queens rivalry

Hey SoCal boys, what do you think of this rumor? From the ever-reliable Toronto Sun:

Rob Blake: After years of high-level, not to mention high-priced, service, Blake is leaning towards making a decision based upon quality of life. He's a free agent and there are those who believe that when Joe Sakic signed at a reasonable price this week, he did so to allow the Colorado Avalanche to keep Blake. But Blake has a fantastic home in Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles and feels that he would like to see more of it. Therefore, an offer from the Kings would be well received. There's another possibility. Anaheim isn't exactly next door to Manhattan Beach, but it's not very far either, and there are those who think Blake could be a waterfowl by next season.
I doubt it will happen, but it'd sure be entertaining to watch Kings fans get extra-extra-extra mad at Mr. Blake for visiting Staples in the new stunning non-Mighty jersey.