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Sleek returns from ancient times

I thought I'd just throw a post out there while still in a very disoriented state. Each of these probably deserves its own separate post, but for now, we'll just stick to the gloss-over version:
  • I spent the last two weeks on a boat completely cut off from the world, travelling around Greece and Turkey visiting ruins from the dawn of mankind. All I really knew on the boat was that the 'Canes won G7 and the Ducks would have a new logo when I returned. Now I find that there has been a monumental Bertuzzi-Luongo trade and Demitra has gone Minny Wild. And what's this I hear about Pronger? An interesting start to the offseason; I must read more on this, it seems.
  • I should note that I have spent the last 26 hours on an airport-airline trek, going from Istanbul to London Heathrow to Chicago O'Hare to LAX. A journeyman's tour of some of the least efficient airport hubs on the face of this earth, but at long last I am home again, jiggety jig. And unlike my flight out to Turkey, this time my bag made it home with me.
  • I am very glad to be typing on an Anglo-friendly keyboard once again. Nothing more infuriating than trying to access this blog from Turkey, only to find that there is a different key for everything.
  • Great work, James O'B! Looks like there will be lots to discuss with a Kings voice in town, although I am a bit dismayed that I have already been assigned some summer reading.
  • As for the new Ducks look, well I knew I wouldn't like the notion of changing logos, and at first glance, I was right. Somebody tell me again how we get respect by not stepping on anyone's toes? Our new look is one step above good old Courier font.
  • I imagine that I will need to put a post together about the devaluation of the Conn Smythe trophy. Cam Ward my ass.

Well, I am in some desperate need of some 'horizontal' sleep, and I think the DVR G7 and some liquor are just what the doctor ordered. A few shots of sake should knock my Rolie mask off.

Good night (good god, it is night time?).