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Some Numbas on the Playoffs

I've updated my ol' stats sheet with some playoff numbers. Home numbers are in red, Road Numbers are in blue.

Click here for a clearer look. Some observations:
  • Goal scoring is down in the playoffs, particularly from home teams in the west. They are down half a goal a game.
  • Power play goal scoring has shifted significantly for eastern teams. Home teams in the east are now enjoying quite the postseason PPG margin. The west, meanwhile, has seen its home margin decrease.
  • PP opportunities in both conferences have shifted more to the home team. Home teams are getting more power plays than in the regular season, particularly in the west.
  • Also, road teams in the east are getting one less power play opportunity per game. That is a big drop.
  • The eastern conference and western conference were fairly even in terms of regular season power play opportunities, but in the playoffs, the west has gotten more refereeing than the east.
Anaheim was the only western conference team to win a series it started at home (Colorado) and Buffalo was the only eastern conference team to win a series it started on the road (Ottawa), so that somewhat skews this data.