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Are you a Vishnevski or a Visnovsky?

Take our quiz and find out!

1. You have recently discovered that a co-worker is spreading false rumors about you. Do you:
a. Stick-handle wide and center the puck to a forward?
b. Wait until he has his head down and slam him into the ice?
c. Try to resolve it like adults?

2. Two people both claim ownership of the same twenty-dollar bill. Do you:
a. Push the puck to a cocked-up Rob Blake?
b. Abandon your position to send a message to the opposing team?
c. Make change in order to make peace?

3. A friend comes to you with an "unbelievable" insider stock tip. Do you:
a. Use your speed and puck skills to augment your 5'10" frame?
b. Serve the two-minute penalty, even though you don't understand why you were called?
c. Thank him for the tip, but ultimately refuse to mix business and friendship?

4. You keep finding your day job mundane, and wonder if you should find new employment. Do you:
a. Watch as your Slovakian teammates get repeatedly let go?
b. Cheer as the St. Louis Blues score your only goal of the year into an empty net?
c. Write a blog to make the days go faster?

You can check your answers against the scale (posted in the comments section).

Note that this survey promises to get more complex in the future, with other blueline prospects like James Wisniewski (Chicago), Andy Wozniewski (Toronto), and Ivan Vishnevskiy (Dallas) on their way.

[Edit: I had some writer's block coming up with these questions. Feel free to offer better ones.]