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Doug Wilson Drinking Game!

My friend Kyle and I have put together the definitive list of Doug Wilson-isms. Have a drink any time you hear one of these phrases:

-Every day is a trade deadline. (do a shot)

-We believe in our players. (have a beer)

-We tried to sign Scott Niedermayer. (do two shots)

-Owen Nolan has given a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for this franchise. (have a beer)

-I will do anything to make this team better. (have a cocktail)

-It's a good problem to have. (pound a beer)

-We have the best coaching staff in the world. (have a cocktail)

-Matt Carle... (any sort of fawning upon Matt Carle -- have a beer)

-Reward excellence. (have a sip of your favorite drink)

-Makes some comment about filling holes from within. (do three shots)

-After December 1st (Joe Thornton trade), we were one of the best teams/best power plays/most winning teams in the league. (do two shots)

-Veteran leadership is overrated. (do a sake bomb)