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Doug Wilson is a...

I've been known to criticize Doug Wilson for his inactivity (and the bullshit line of "Every day is a trade deadline"). Now, I don't know what his phone calls consist of, but surely we the fans (and external pundits like TSN) can't be the only ones who recognize that the Sharks need one defenseman -- preferably a puck moving one --, some grit, and a top line left winger.

So far, a bazillion free agents have signed elsewhere. The Sharks still have two #1 goalies. Curtis Freakin' Brown is back on the team (I will cut Brown some slack though; when he came over two seasons ago, he was meant to be a second line replacement for Marco Sturm -- stupid assumption by Doug Wilson, but after being bought out by the Blackhawks, I don't think anyone will assume Brown is anything more than a fourth line grinder with good PK sensibilities and that's fine).

What the hell are you doing Doug? You can't just sit around and say, "I traded for Joe Thornton" for the rest of your career. There are obvious holes in the organization -- DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Now, the last time I ragged on Wilson this bad, he came out of nowhere with the Thornton deal. Reports say that Wilson is involved in talks for Chris Pronger. Patrick Elias is still available to play left wing. There might still be something brewing for Marty Havlat.

But considering how much every other team has done, it's really really really ridiculously (said with my Zoolander Magnum face) hard to accept this lack of movement so far.