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Loose ends in Duckville

  • Well, per Ben Maller earlier this week, the L.A. Times will be slashing back on its Kings and Ducks coverage, especially on road swings. Not to be too picky, but as a daily subscriber, this would be similar to OLN telling me that it will be cutting down on its Academy Award coverage. As it stands, the LAT usually reserves a spot between horse racing and high school golf for the ‘breaking NHL news’, including tough-to-locate sentence-summaries on Bryzgalov’s big mouth or Wang’s GM experiment.
  • To pick up the slack, the O.C. Register has reported some interesting news on player numbers. According to Randy Youngman, Teemu Selanne will revert back to his familiar #8 next year, just to enhance crappy-jersey sales. Others taking new numbers include Corey Perry (#10), Dustin Penner (#14), Ryan Getzlaf (#15), and Chris Pronger (#25). No word yet on how Stan Chistov and Frenchie Beauchemin plan on splitting #23.
  • Lastly, I found this image from the upcoming NHL 07 on the HF boards, kind of a way to visualize how our new jerseys will look on the ice. I don’t know why Scott Niedermayer is being shown as an ‘assistant captain’, but I do like the fact that everyone in the stands is sticking with the old jersey.
  • [Edit: It appears the Arrowhead Pond is now the Honda Center. No word yet on whether we will be using hybrid ice. Another fabulous change for our wonderful offseason.]