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McDonald buys a farm

Well, one of the questions I had going into this offseason was 'What does a guy like Andy McDonald get on the RFA market?' This is a guy who in his first 194 games of his career had totals of 27 - 53 - 80. This year he adds 34 - 51 - 85, good for 20th in the league. (Only 2 playoff goals, though! O'Donnellish!)

Well, he signed today for a Sedin-like number of $3.3 M over the next three years.


We can work with that contract, I think, if Andy's willing to put up the numbers. For one, our entire top line is probably owed some money for their work last season, where they played for a combined $2.1 M (!), so we'll consider some of that 'backpay'. Secondly, the team can save some additional money by having McDonald sleep in one of Pronger's shoes. McDonald, incidentally, was originally acquired as some sort of Kariya-cloning experiment in the mid-90s.

In other news, the Kings picked up Dan Cloutier to help share blame with Mathieu Garon. Randy Carlyle has already started drawing up a center-ice shooting drill.