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Sleek's Poetry Corner

(Author’s note: I am no real poet, but I’ve probably been too analytical lately, and my imaginary therapist says this might help.)


Fedorov joined us in 2003’s summer
Replacing Kariya, who left (what a bummer!)
After the rollback, he was still overpaid,
Now that his skills were starting to fade.
Carlyle and Burke had seen quite enough
Off to Columbus for prospects and such!
I’ll admit; I was skeptical about the whole deal
Silly me! How could I miss such a steal?

Before you arrived, I never knew who you were,
Even now that you’ve been with us, I’m not really sure,
Alas! It’s not always easy to see what you bring for us,
Usually ‘cause your partner has been Mr. Norris.
Captain Iginla found out your fists are an asset,
Hitting is also! Just ask Andrew Brunette.
Even though we lost to the Oil (boo hoo!)
Mainly the question has been "Sergei WHO?"
I speak for all Duck fans—we’re glad that you’re here,
Now can you be even better next year?
Go get 'em, Frenchy.