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"We dropped the name ‘Mighty’ so we could STAY ironic" (nickname post)

The real offseason issue for Duck fans will now be to come up with a suitable nickname for the Niedermayer and Pronger collection, remembering that this duo might even put Kariya-Selanne in its historical place. Some have suggested something chintzy like "Prongermayer" or "Project Norris". I might prefer something enigmatic like "Either ORR" that takes more time to explain than it’s worth.

Meanwhile, poster Varius at HF boards has already requested top-line minutes for Stan Chistov for no other reason than better nicknaming. (Author's note: I’m shameless in my graphic-stealing.)
Feel free to contribute your own nickname suggestions, both from Ducks fans and Duck haters. Best suggestion gets a conditional first-round pick.