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Well done

After arguably slacking off a bit on the brilliance, The Sports Guy Bill Simmons slams one out of the park with his top 40 trade value column for NBA players.

A great jab at the 'ol Orbs:

19. Vince Carter
Finally taken off the hook in Canada after Chris Pronger's wife forced
the Anaheim trade. (Also taken off the hook: Doug Christie.) I have to say,
it makes me want to puke that he cracked the top 20. No way around it.

I'm a big fan of the Sports Guy, but this is the first time since the Sox won the WS that I think he's really hit a grand slam.

The Sports Guy brings me to a point: thank goodness for the "blogsophere." No offense to Bucci and other mainstream online hockey columnists, but only hockey bloggers seem to report and comment on hockey at a level near Simmons.

In fact, I'm throwing down a gauntlet: I will do a rip-off Top 40 hockey players before the summer's over. Will it expose me for a hockey dunce? Probably. Will it entertain all of you? By god I hope so.

Update: In the interest of self-promotion, but also some good laughs (not to mention the opportunity for the Internet community to make fun of me for my unwashed mugshot), I wrote a column a couple years back that was a 'How To' guide not to be Pussy-Whipped.

Originally, I wrote it for two reasons:

[1] to plead with my best friend and roommate to grow a backbone and [2] to make fun of Doug Christie, since he was going to become a Dallas Maverick.

Now I would make it "W.W.P.D.?" (What Would Pronger Do? for you quick-witted types) and it would be more than accurate.

Enjoy...or accuse me of shameless self promotion. Or both.