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Who is Nils Ekman?

Apparently, Penguins fans have no idea what they're getting with Nils Ekman. Here's some of the comments from the TSN message board.

Good trade for the pens, not too often you can pick up a 50-60 pt forward thats one of the top defensive forwards in the league.

NICE!!!! I hope he is the grit on the Crosby line. Only because I have him and Crosby in a keeper pool. Great defensive player though.

Great pickup for the pens.. this guy could score 30 on sid's line as well as play a key role defensively.
If you watched the Sharks last season, you'd have noticed that Ekman's PK time started at a reasonable rate (mainly because he was playing well with Alyn McCauley) to nearly disappearing completely. Sorry Pens fans, Mr. Ekman may be nice to fans and may have no eyebrows, but he certainly isn't a Selke candidate. Nor is he a gritty player, though he manages to throw about one hit every 15 games or so.

With Ekman, you'll get:

-Good hands, good speed
-A lot of offsides
-90% float/10% grit
-No eyebrows
-Nice to fans

Remember, he got 50some points playing with Joe Thornton for most of the season. If he was so "gritty" and "defensive", Ron Wilson wouldn't have experimented with crap players Grant Stevenson, Patrick Rissmiller, and other AHL-4-Life club members on the Thornton line.

Ekman will chip in points playing with Crosby, but read up on the car before you drive it off the lot.