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Anaheim signs a new anthem singer, Phoenix signs a new headache

Well, I can’t offer too much here, but the Ducks have signed former-Bruin and former-Penguin Ian Moran, 33, to a one-year deal today [Edit: $450k]. Moran, like last year’s Jason Marshall, can play both defense and forward without doing either one especially well.

I do recall him from Pittsburgh telecasts as being a ‘miked up’ favorite, especially for his fervent renditions of the national anthems. Also, he is coming off knee surgery, which if Selanne or Niedermayer serve as any indication, means he will likely transform into a dominant all-star.

Any way, this probably puts another nail in Vishnevski’s coffin. Eulogies to come.

[EDIT: Credit Official Anaheim Message Boards poster 777 for uncovering this awesome Ian Moran link. I know what I'll be reading for the rest of the day!]

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Coyotes keep adding to their intriguing mix of forwards by dabbling in the Owen Nolan saga. I’m sure Mike can tell us more of what to expect out of the other suddenly-reappearing-Nolan (see: Ted Nolan), but these Dogs are looking a little more intriguing with every new move.

This move appears to be quite a big gamble, which more than likely means it was initiated by notorious gambloholic Janet Gretzky.