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Big effort, mediocre results—The Central Division

Pesky, pesky readers.

Delicious said...
I wish you would do a cute li'l picture like that for all the divisions. The Northeast, in particular, might prove challenging.
This, of course, was response to my little cartoon about the cute Pacific division mascots.

Well, I did pretty well with my post on the Northwest Division, but the challenge of ‘cartooning’ the various team names in hockey is getting tougher, as some team names are less inspiring than others, and honestly, there are some teams that I am less fond of also.

I dunno, though, the balance of mixing a cute cartoon with a clever joke can often turn into a pretty corny result, as evidenced by my slightly-hung-over attempt at the Central Division.

From left to right, the Columbus Blue Jacket, the Nashville Predator, the Detroit Red Wang (yeesh!), the Chicago Black MoHawk (any excuse for a Mr. T), and the St. Louis Blues-Clues.

A perfect example of how putting in more time and effort doesn’t always yield better results, but hey, I tried.

I guess next time I'll start moving along to the Eastern conference. Suggestions are, as always, (desperately) appreciated.