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The first three months of BoC

Ah yes, it seems like only yesterday that Mr. Mirtle decided to ‘punk’ the NHL blogworld by creating this site for the outcasts from California. Well, as a matter of fact tomorrow is the three-month anniversary of that fateful day, and like the fabulous "Whaaaassssssup" of TV commercial infamy, this joke refuses to go away.

I want to throw out a special thanks to Mirtle (gawd knows I would never have started this on my own), and of course the rival contributors PJ, Mike Chen, and James O’Brien, who answered the Kings call quite valiantly and hasn’t missed a beat since coming aboard.

And of course, the readers. Writing for an audience beats the hell out of writing to an empty forum; thanks for stopping in and commenting, and correcting me when I’m full of duckshit.

I can’t say I have strong aspirations for this blog (hell, I don’t even really know what to think of the stat counter—I know it’s counting my ‘visits’). Really, BoC is pretty much what I’d hoped it could be, a place to throw some thoughts, criticisms, and silliness about the team and division I follow the most. I think the casual nature of blog entries really suits my casual style (better than being a ‘published writer’, I think), so don’t look for us to get ‘legit’ or ‘financially viable’ or anything.

To the reader: how’s your BoC experience been? Anything that's been bugging you, or that you'd like to see more of?

The suggestion box is now open.