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Five Weird Things, Five Days too Late

Well, after taking a quick glance around the 'ol puckosphere, it's obvious to me that I need to complete my List of Five Weird Things right now. Since I'm obviously prone to five-item lists, this shouldn't be too difficult, right?

1. I am the youngest of five children.

That's not strange, aside from the fact that all four of my siblings are in their 40s. Two sisters and Two brothers. None of them are especially impressed by my modest blogging abilities, naturally.

2. Deep down, my favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. The strange part? I liked Jaromir Jagr better when he had a ludicrous mullet.

3. As an extension of number 2, I'm from New Jersey, yet I like exactly one team that played scant miles from me: The New York Giants. For hockey, it's the Kings and Pens. With basketball, it's the Phoenix Suns. I was converted to the AZ team thanks to a certain Round Mound of Rebound. I've always been a fan of the Kings, but my love for all things Frolov really kicked into high gear writing team reports for

(That place also "employs" the writing of mecha blogger Jes Golbez)

4. I used to be an absolute WWF diehard. I'm talking about, humilating love. I still have a soft spot in my heart for Chris Jericho and such.

Hell, if you ask me, "Nacho Libre" totally stole my thunder, as I once wrote little short stories about a wrestler named El Taco. He was known for his theatrics and questionable Spanish-speaking ability.

Yeah, this is starting to get kind of embarrassing.

5. I got into my first, minor car accident the week after I got my first car. Some old lady clipped the back of my Civic. It was raining out. I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself.

Bad times.

As a bonus weird thing: for the past month, I've had no Internet access or cable in my new apartment. I've learned that I can live without TV, but late-night compulsive web browsing is Chicken Soup for My Hackneyed Soul.

The next two video game entries should be coming soon. (Or at least when I get some comp time)