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Shark Week bites back

In lieu of my 2,500 word essay on the resigning of minor-league defenseman Bruno St. Jacques, I’m deferring to PJ over at Sharkspage who is running a series of Shark Week posts, including a year-in-review and a look at hockey in the golden state. I’m sure more is coming throughout the week, but in today’s post PJ issued a nice northerly-directed challenge:

"I believe I can accurately sum up the crux of this Hockey News issue and this blog post as a firm challenge directed by California at the province of Alberta. We Californians may not know what a province is, we may not paint ourselves blue and red and hang from streetlights in Mexican wrestling masks after a single playoff win, but we can guarantee that the Stanley Cup will be visiting here before stepping foot on Albertan soil again."
Beware of those Sharks and their vicious bite. Ouch.