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Pick the Sharks replacement for Gary Glitter

Ok Sharks fans, here's your chance to actually make a difference (in theory, anyway; I suppose this survey could just be meaningless). The Sharks aren't fans of child molestors, so Gary Glitter and Rock & Roll Part 2 (the "Hey" song are out). What's in? It'll be one of:

Green Day: Holiday -- Um, how exactly is this a celebration song?
U2: Elevation -- (music snob rant #1) Don't even get me started on this piece o' crap. While it had some good Edge guitar work in it, I have NO idea how Bono can go from writing lines like "In my dreams I was drowning in sorrows/but my sorrows, they learned to swim" to the rhyming dictionary copout of "A mole/digging in a hole" that's worthy of butt rock.
Van Halen: Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love -- The Van Halen boys and DLR at their very best. I'm assuming they picked this for the "Hey Hey Hey" part.
Blur: Song 2 -- (music snob rant #2) Damon Albarn and co. are one of my favorite bands and I absolutely detest this song, which, for the record, was essentially an outtake of goofing around during the recording of their eponymous album. I know, I know, most American music fans only know Blur because of this song, but there are so many great songs and it's already overused as a sports anthem. Even though it would be mixing two of my favorite things (britpop/indie rock and hockey), I still can't support it.

Of course, I'm just a whiny music snob, so don't listen to me -- have your pick at the Sharks official site. If you haven't guessed, I voted for Van Halen.