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PPreseason PPower PPlay PPost

I had to scrounge around boxscores from all sorts of sites to pull this together, and it probably is not 100% accurate, but here’s what I’ve tallied thus far:

65 preseason games played outside of Puerto Rico (can’t find a boxscore on that one)

381 total goals (5.86 per game)

174 power play goals (45.7%)
16 shorthanded goals (4.2%)
184 even strength goals (48.3%)
7 empty-net goals (1.8%)

Of course it is only preseason, but you have to be a real special-teams enthusiast to get excited when half of NHL scoring happens on special teams. Remember when 5-on-5 play mattered quite a bit? I wonder which coach will be first to have a true ‘PP specialist’, one who sits on the bench only to play during PP time. These percentage numbers suggest it wouldn’t be that bad an idea.

For reference, last year power play goals made up a little more than 1/3 of overall scoring, both in the regular season and playoffs. I don't have any stats on last year's preseason, though.