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Sleek picks the correct preseason game to attend! Ducks 6, Sharks 3

Boy oh boy did I have fun last night, I got so drunk I couldn't even post. My pal Damndaze took a lot of cool pictures from our Row B, so I'm sure I'll put a few posts together with those.

This guy sure looked grumpy that he had to wear a helmet, but despite our pleading, he never called a penalty on our new boy Mr. Pronger.

On the other hand, though, we did get some nice penalty box visits from Ian Moran and Todd Fedoruk. Moran in partciular seemed very surprised when I encouraged him to continue his blogwork, and Fedoruk was the only one to grant me an 'interview':
Sleek: "I'm really looking forward to your rematch with Laraque."
Fedoruk (dead serious): "So am I."

Other fun highlights:
  • Todd Marchant scoring a goal immediately after I finished telling my section how Marchant cannot score outside of PS2.
  • Shane O'Brien and Grahame Mink getting into a cursing contest across the penalty boxes after a fight. I think I counted eight mentions of the word "pussy".
  • Our repeated consoling of out-of-place defenseman Bruno St. Jacques: "Oh, you should have a great time in Portland this year."
At any rate, it was a really great time. Uniforms looked pretty good, and I did notice something interesting about the Duck PP, but I'll throw that into another post.

Nothing like a little shark-spanking to bring out the SJ boys, eh?