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Teemu takes another stick to the mouth

Well, the Ducks managed to hold off the Desert Dogs in yesterday’s preseason action, 3-2, but the real story was that super winger Teemu Selanne caught a Tyson Nash stick to the mouth 3 ½ minutes into the game. Teemu, who likes to equate scoring to ketchup, took 20 stitches to the mouth area and did not return to game action.

I haven’t yet been able to find any photographic evidence of last night’s blood-spilling, and I only heard it on the radio, but here’s how I pictured it:

Of course injuries during preseason suck, but maybe in Teemu’s case this is what he needs to get inspired for the regular season. If you recall, the Finnish Flash got some teeth knocked out during last year’s Olympics, but apparently they were the teeth that were slowing his game down.

Regular season stats only:

Before losing teeth: 54 points in 55 games
After losing teeth: 36 points in 25 games
Feel better, Teemu.