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That's not good

So, um, hold that thought on the whole Cheechoo/Thornton/Bell line. Mr. Bell has gone and done something quite stupid:
San Jose Police confirmed to NBC11 reporter Susan Siravo Tuesday that a member of the San Jose Sharks was arrested over the Labor Day Weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence and allegedly causing a collision.Police told NBC11 one person was hurt in the crash, but their injuries were considered minor with cuts and bruises.Police said Sharks player Mark Bell faces felony hit-and-run and felony DUI charges. Police said Bell rear-ended a car at an intersection and then got out of his car and walked away. Police said they found him sitting on a curb not far away and arrested him.Bell is out on bail.

Way to ingratiate yourself into the community, Mark. He could plead that he was doing his best Mel Gibson impression. Bell will probably have to do community service and all that crap, and chances are he won't face any jail time other than getting a stern talking to in Doug Wilson's office.

I just think it's funny that he just walked to a curb and sat down. Perhaps he was contemplating all of the universe's many mysteries after he rear-ended that car.