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Another bloody mouth in Anaheim

Jeez, it appears that everyone in Anaheim is inspired by Teemu’s cut-to-the-mouth (and his resulting point increase). From the OC Register:

"With Pronger absent from practice because of flu-like symptoms, Ducks hearts skipped more than a few beats when a deflected puck struck Scott Niedermayer in the face."
Don’t know if that’s enough to make Grabia’s day, but hey, it’s a start. Pronger’s sick? Check. Niedermayer’s hurting? Check. Teemu’s jaw is wired shut? Nah, he’s got that mutant healing factor going for him.

(By the way, one guy in Anaheim who knows a thing or two about bloody-mouth-syndrome is radio colorman and former enforcer Brent Severyn, who is gaining local notoriety about his off-the-wall phrases, affectionately known as Severynisms. Check out the new message board devoted to his fisticuff-altered colloquialisms—it’s a dandy.)

Get well, everyone. Regicide starts tomorrow.