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Attendance issues in Southern California

Gary says I shouldn’t be writing about this, so of course I will.

Home Game Announced Attendance Anaheim:
G1 vs. Los Angeles: 17,174 (100%) (Fri 7 pm)
G2 vs. St. Louis: 13,889 (81%) (Mon 7 pm)
G3 vs. NY Islanders: 12,394 (72%) (Wed 7 pm)
G4 vs. Dallas: 15,269 (89%) (Sun 5 pm)
G5 vs. Detroit: 14,767 (86%) (Wed 7 pm)
G6 vs. Minnesota: 13,430 (78%) (Fri 7 pm)

Home Game Announced Attendance Los Angeles:
G1 vs. St. Louis: 18,118 (100%) (Sat 7:30 pm)
G2 vs. NY Islanders: 14,394 (79%) (Tue 7:30 pm)
G3 vs. Dallas: 14,167 (78%) (Thu 7:30 pm)
G4 vs. Dallas: 17,052 (94%) (Sat 7:30 pm)
G5 vs. Detroit: 17,417 (96%) (Mon 7:30 pm)
G6 vs. Minnesota: 14,617 (81%) (Wed 7:30 pm)

One disclaimer, Anaheim’s moving its start times to 7 pm is traffic murder, especially for a sucker like me who decides to live and work in L.A. Plus I’m really fond of my couch and my DVR.

Two options for the comments:
(a) Are we a bad market for NHL hockey? (Screw you, SoCal!)
(b) Are we a savvy market for recognizing the declining entertainment value of attending an NHL game at today’s prices? (Screw you, Gary!)

Feel free to offer both, if you’re grumpy enough.