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In Kazakhstan, we say...

What do you think Borat would say if he had a conversation with fellow Kazakhstan native Evgeni Nabokov?

Nabokov: "I can't believe I still have to share the crease with Vesa Toskala."

Borat: "In Kazakhstan, we only have one number one goalie. The backup goalie is sold to the so-called gypsies for trading the candies during the professional sports match."

Nabokov: "Vesa is a nice person, but I wish he wouldn't steal my job."

Borat: "The goal protector who steals jobs shall be ground into mush and fed into the anus of a cow."

Nabokov: "Why is my defense letting the other forwards get tips and screens? They should play better! Especially Josh Gorges!"

Borat: "In Kazakhstan, our defense on the line of blue carries hand grenades to prevent the other team from tipping the cylindrical ball of rubber into our net. "

Nabokov: "At least I have a huge contract from the Sharks. Maybe they will trade me to the Bruins."

Borat: "Yes, is good to have many gold coins for eating the head of shark with friends. We say in Kazakhstan, where the weather is cold, the fishing is not so good, to eat the gold coins from the mouth of a shark is a fine delicacy, only better than being polished and having sexy time with the many virgin daughters of wild gypsy women."