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The Sharks are NOT trading for Glen Murray

Ok folks, ignore the moronic Boston media (and any fraudulent rumor frauds spreading this) -- Nabokov for Glen Murray will NOT happen. Why in the world would the Sharks trade for a struggling top-line forward? Sure, Murray had great chemistry with Joe Thornton, but in 3/4 of a season, Jonathon Cheechoo had more goals than Murray did in his best season with Joe Thornton. And where would you put Murray? You're not going to pay several million for him to be on the third line. You're not going to take Cheechoo off the Thornton line. You're not going to break up the Marleau unit. There's no space for someone making that much money on a team that's this young and this fast and this talented on the top-two lines.

Another thing -- why would the Sharks trade for a forward when they obviously need a veteran defenseman? Right now, the Boston media is just throwing ideas out there because they make sense in a half-assed kind of way:

"Who do you think would trade for Murray, Bob?"
"I don't know, Jim. What about the Sharks? They like to trade with the Bruins."
"Good point Bob! And Glen Murray is friends with Joe Thornton!"
"That's it, Jim! And they want to trade Nabokov!"
"We've got it! Murray for Nabokov! Print it and send it to all the moron rumor frauds of the NHL!"

The ONLY way the Sharks get Glen Murray is if they turn him around immediately in a three-way deal. Remember, Doug Wilson wants to keep the team young and fast. Murray's not going to replace any of the top six forwards under that philosophy.