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Uh I actually might root for the Sharks and Ducks!

After a grueling and emotionally crippling draft that clocked in at almost four hours, I now have to contemplate my fantasy hockey team. And whether it was fate or just the deck that was handed to me, my team (The Lawn Pigs) is fairly loaded with BoC'ers. Sadly, due to the untimely selection of Alex Frolov, I'm Kings-less.

Here are the Californians that are on my team, pretty much in sequence of when they were picked (not counting guys on non-Cali teams):

Scott Niedermayer

Vesa Toskala
Teemu Selanne
Ilya Brzgalov

My main questions to the masses:

1. Is Vesa Toskala going to be the starter for San Jose?
2. Is Bryzgalov going to start for the Quackers?
3. Will Lightningbeard prosper with Prongher, or will he ease up with the lockbox'd Orbs?
4. Finally, will Teemu Selanne go back into hibernation after his LL Cool J-inspired (Don't call it a) Comeback?

I'd especially appreciate an answer for questions 1-2, folks. Otherwise I'll have to make one or two of my classic early panic add-drops. Last year I briefly dropped Eric Staal for Tuomo Ruutu. Yeah, that could have been bad...